In addition to the seating choices at the Gallery, we're offering a way to customize your spot. With a $20 donation or more, you can pad your butt, support your lumbar, or curl up on the carpet! Take your cushion to festivals and drive there in comfort. Each square cushion has a removable cotton cover plus corner ties; and with access to the stuffing, you can adjust the fill to your preference. Variable backing helps distinguish your cushion from everybody else's!

Man, did I ever wish I'd taken my Gallery pillow to John Wort Hannam's Songs for Ken. Sitting at the back, I could've used a couple of inches!

Send us a photo by September 22 of where you use your Gallery cushion this summer--at the Blues Festival, at the Ironwood, in your car, on the Shuswap, or at your Aunt Edna's!

Email, Tweet, Facebook, text (403 988-3106), or get a print to our house, and we will not only post your photo on our site, but you'll be entered in our draw (September 22) to win 2 passes to Wide Cut Weekend (WCW)!

Curtis's Speakeasy Garage house concert series has a whole different vibe than our place--and we love it! So we snagged a couple of tickets from Curtis that you can win with your Pillow Talk entry.