Gallery House Concerts


Updated March 12, 2020

    We are currently fully booked and only host one concert per month in our home. We are starting to look at 2022.

    Gallery House Concerts was formed to provide a haven for English-speaking acts on tour and not living in Calgary, who perform their own original lyrical music. Our stage is limited to a maximum of 5 band members.

    We are not a destination venue in that we do not have a guaranteed payment or audience. What we promise is a place to sleep, a couple of meals, and some gas money. The larger your draw, the more gas money you will take away.

    Usually we have an opener from the Calgary area. If you are local, we will add your contact information to our database but our list of possible openers is lengthy, starting with our favourites.

    We only host about 12 concerts per year. Friday, Saturday (start time 7pm) and Sunday (matinee at 3pm) are preferred but any day that works with your tour is possible.

    A sound system (Yamaha StagePAS 500) with a 6-input sound board is supplied with reverb on 4. There are 3 microphones, a phantom power box, a banjo, 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, 3 mic stands, guitar stands, cables, and stage lights.

    Artists are provided with a private room with queen bed and lounge/prep area. We can accommodate 2-4 more on our single cots, sectional couch and floor space. Large grassy area could hold a couple of tents. Free wifi. Supper and breakfast can be provided. Private entry, parking, and two-piece washroom. Shower/tub upstairs.

    We are a not-for-profit society. We collect $25 per person per show with a capacity of 50 attendees: $22.00 to the main act (88%), $2.00 to the opening act if we have one(8%), and $1.00 (4%) to cover fund transfer fees. There is no guaranteed minimum payment.

    The more people you bring out, the more you make.

    By the way, when you become a Gallery musician (have played, or are booked to play, at the Gallery) you are WELCOME TO ATTEND ANY OF OUR REGULAR CONCERTS AT NO CHARGE. Just let us know when you would like to sit in.

    We expect artists to self-promote. Contact friends, family, fans, and colleagues well in advance of your booking and ask them to spread the word about your show. Concert attendees should purchase tickets in advance online using the buttons on our home page. This lets us know how many chairs to set up and how much pizza to cook.

    Get our local media interested:

    Mike Bell , Calgary Herald (403) 235-7493
    Eric Volmers , Calgary Herald (403) 235-7157
    Jon Roe , Swerve Magazine (403) 235-7281
    Liam Prost , BeatRoute (403) 451-7628
    Sarah Kitteringham , BeatRoute (403) 451-7628
    David Ward , CKUA (780) 428-7595
    Whitney Ota , CJSW (403) 220-3902
    Lisa Wilton , freelance, (403) 512-9018
    Ricky Zayshley , Avenue Magazine
    Lauren Steeves , Branded Magazine
    City TV Breakfast Television
    Calgary CTV (403) 240-5600
    Calgary Journal (Mount Royal University)
    The Gauntlet (University of Calgary)
    The Weal (SAIT)
    Calgary Sun
    Calgary Country

    For promotion, we appreciate you sending us a 1) high resolution photo 2) a statement or bio, and 3) an album of your music on CD or a link to files that we can burn to CD to play at prior concerts.

    "Amazing hosts! Show was very well promoted and was a pleasure to be a part of." - Craig Cardiff

    "...an absolutely outstanding house concert series! The organization, audience, sound system, and community from which the audience comes are all of the finest kind...these hosts truly care about musicians and their art, and their hospitality is wonderful." - Kray Van Kirk

    "...wonderful hosts! They have gone above and beyond to create an amazing house concert venue complete with a stage area, lighting, sound equipment and more! We had a great time performing for a fun audience, and we hope to be back again soon." - Twin Kennedy

    Email or call Jackie at (403) 988-3106 for clarification.

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