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Updated December 9, 2022


    Gallery House Concerts Society started with a demolished wall and a purchase of a swack of folding chairs! We can seat an audience of 50. Details make the Gallery a superb auditory experience, i.e. a tickless clock, 2 inches of insulation, 200 crochet chair booties, and toilet seats that don't slam!

    Avenue talks about our 100th concert. CBC Eyeopener grills the Gallery. Swerve tells it like it is. BeatRoute divulges secret and updates their readers.


    We host musical acts for an evening of great live music in our home.

    SCHEDULE On SUNDAY doors open at 3pm; doors at 7pm THE REST OF THE WEEK. You have 30 minutes to drop your coat, stash your stuff, and find a seat. Then we lock the front door; come in the back if you are late. After a 40 minute-set, we take a 30-minute break to meet the artist(s) and check out their CDs, t-shirts and what have you. From 'hello' to 'goodnight' the concert is about 2 hours.

    FOOTWEAR & COATS We ask that you remove outside foot wear. There are felt slippers available for your use. Throw coats on the bed at the end of the hall.

    PRIVACY If you have concerns about your image being captured on video or on camera, a house concert may not be the activity for you. Please understand that the Gallery, artists, and/or audience may record the performance.

  • BYOB

    A small feature food item is available with a coin jar for donations. Please feel free to bring your favourite beverage and a snack plate to share. Coffee, tea, and water are provided.


    If you wish to be invited to our home, please click one of the Tickets buttons on our Home page. Besides the PayPal or etransfer reply, we will personally acknowledge with date, time, and location; it is not an auto-reply so there may be a delay. We do not provide physical or virtual tickets; you will simply be on our list.

    PREPAYMENT Space can fill up quickly. To guarantee your seat, payment must be received and acknowledged the day before the performance. Book on line or call/text Jackie to make other arrangements 403 988-3106.

    Several have asked if they can pay at the door. We discourage this for several reasons. (a) We need to know ahead of time how many chairs to set up, how much coffee to brew, how many pizzas to bake, how many rolls of toilet paper to put out, etc. (b) We do not have the capacity to make change or take credit cards. (c) The artist frequently wants to know how many tickets are sold and we can not guarantee the cash-at-the-door folks.

    COMPING Please do not ask if we can "comp" you a ticket. It is not our money to give away. If you are a friend or associate of the artist, or are auditioning the artist, kindly contact the artist directly who will let us know that a donation will not be expected.

    CANCELLATION If, three days before a concert, there are no tickets sold, the show may be canceled with the artist's permission. E-mail us with any questions.


    If there are particular seats that you would like to reserve, email us. We will do our best to accommodate.

  • DOGS

    We have a dog. Therefore we have a fenced yard that will contain all but very tiny dogs. If your dog plays well with others and enjoys staying outside, you are welcome to bring him/her. If you have an allergy to dogs, you may not be comfortable.


    We encourage any concert attendee to intervene when the activity of another distracts the audience in any way. You are welcome to encourage that person to move to another room in the home away from the stage area. Shushing is allowed!

    Please limit cannabis and vaporizing to the garage or outside; and the smoking of cigarettes/cigars/tobacco pipes to outside only.


    Above all, people come to Gallery House Concerts to listen. We welcome closely-supervised children. Children must be absolutely quiet or must be removed from the listening area (downstairs or outside). 12-and-under are free of charge when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. An adult donation is expected from those 13 and over.


    Gallery House Concerts was incorporated as a not-for-profit society on October 18, 2012. Proceeds go directly to the artists less an operational fee of $2. Tickets are transferable to another person; but if you wish to transfer to a different concert, you must let us know before the day of either of the concerts (On the day of the concert we total the artist's payment, draw out cash from the bank, and give it to the artist. If you cancel the day of the concert, we will probably have already given the artist your money.) Tickets are not refundable.

    FUND RAISING Occasionally we will organize a fund raising event or raffle to assist artists with travel expenses to other events.


    Tons of parking on the street or in the alley. Home address will be confirmed when acknowledging your reservation.


    To read about the directors of Gallery House Concerts Society, click here.

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